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Make sure your electric fencing is monitored and serviced regularly

It’s a sign of the times – burglar proofing, state-of-the-art alarm systems monitored 24 hours by a security provider and people being protected by high walls that are topped with high voltage electric fence, that in order to be effective, should also be monitored 24 hours a day.

“Criminals are becoming more brazen in how they access schools and tertiary facilities, and are targeting electric fences,” says Stefan Oberholtzer, managing director for Chubb Security Southern Africa.

Educational facilities with electric fences should take care to ensure that alarms are not the work of potential criminals seeking to disable the perimeter’s security by placing either clothing or rubberised tools over the fence’s wires to trigger a false alarm. Rather than cutting power to the fence, verify the cause if possible and notify your security organisation.

“This practice particularly occurs over weekends when electric fencing installation providers are not available to be called out to repair the ‘faulty’ electric fence,” says Oberholtzer.

“We urge tertiary educational facilities and schools to be cautious as this method of burglary is on the increase. In addition we warn both teachers and learners not to approach suspicious-looking individuals who may be loitering around their properties should they experience such an incident. Gun crime is on the increase and criminals are not afraid to use their weapons. Rather call for your security provider.

“In addition, it must be noted that an electric fence that is not monitored does not offer much protection at all and, like your alarm system, it should be maintained and serviced just as regularly,” concludes Oberholtzer.