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Fires represent a real threat, regardless of property size, purpose or location. This is why fire suppression systems are a must, to ensure swift and effective combat. Several components make up this essential protective system which we unpack as follows.

Fire detection

This first vital step of fire suppression is, fire detection. Without it, you may only realise that a fire has broken out once it is too late. With the help of early detection, people at risk can be effectively evacuated before building exits compromised. Examples of detection devices include smoke detectors, flame detectors and thermal detectors that measure circumstances of unusual increased heat.

Evacuation measures

Being able to evacuate people from a burning building is easier said than done. This makes good evacuation protocols a must. Devices like a good PA system allows everyone to hear the fire alarm, setting the evacuation procedure into action. Regular rehearsal of fire drills and evacuation procedures allow staff to know exactly where to go and when. Clear and visible signage indicating emergency exits, fire escapes and the location of fire hydrants is also important

Sprinkler systems

Whilst they may not totally extinguish a fire, an installed sprinkler system will help minimise the damage caused. They also allow for the containment of a fire, allowing for significantly less burning. The use of sprinklers also makes it possible for swift evacuation of persons at risk.

Fire extinguishers

This is probably the fire equipment that most people recognise first. With functioning fire extinguishers, you can control the blaze, and get staff out of the building in time. This is because they allow you to contain sections of the fire, making it possible to clear exits and escape. Be sure your extinguishers have their servicing up to date.

Don’t neglect regular checks and maintenance

If you’ve already got these fire protection measures in place, this is not enough. Regular maintenance needs to be carried out on all fire suppression devices and the replacement of broken or outdated devices must be replaced to maintain a high level of fire safety.

How does your protection fare?

In the event of a fire, you need the right equipment to make sure that there are no casualties. Don’t wait until disaster strikes before you realise you’re underprepared. For an obligation-free quote from our team of specialists, please get in touch with us today.

At Chubb, your security is our priority. It’s why we recommend biometrics as an effective way to ensure the security of your premises. For additional information on these systems and how they might benefit you, please chat to us today.