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Outdoor beams

Interesting facts about alarm systems

If you own, or even rent a home, or office premises, the chances are that you have some sort of alarm system or outdoor detectors or beams. While these play an important role in providing an early warning of attempted intrusion to your property, there are a host of interesting facts behind these devices.

The earliest alarm system

The first alarm system was created, and patented by Augustus Russell Pope in 1853. It was also designed in the USA, so we have the Americans to thank for the home security that we know today.

Pets aren’t people

Most people always seem to think that if they get an alarm system complete with security beams that their pets would set it off. Today, technology is so advanced that these infrared beams can tell the difference between humans and animals. This means there’s simply no excuse not to get some installed.

You could lower your insurance premium

An alarm system, complete with outdoor security, means that you could pay less on your monthly home insurance premiums. Of course, this depends on your provider, chosen policy, and even how well maintained your security system is. This makes regular maintenance and checks a must, to keep your security system in top working order for lower monthly insurance payments. Also, regular checks of your security system will mean fewer costs to replace parts and devices in the long term.

They can be wired or wireless

When choosing which alarm to install, it’s worth noting the difference between wired and wireless systems. Wired options are linked to your main electrical system, meaning that they won’t operate without power in the event of a power outage. Wireless systems are powered by batteries, which could leave you vulnerable should the batteries die on you.

Your alarm system can be linked to all sorts of things

It’s important to remember that your home or office alarm system is not an isolated entity. In fact, you can connect it to many different areas of your building. For starters, you could link your alarm to your smoke detector so that when a fire starts, your alarm will be set off. This will notify your service provider, as well as help all occupants get out safely. Your alarm can also be linked to your lights, causing them to switch on when the alarm is triggered to discourage intruders from entering the premises.

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