Wireless video security, where and when you need it. “Videofied” is wireless Infra red technology combined with wireless camera recording, which allows the wireless transmission of video footage for high risk areas. “Videofied” integrates seamlessly with Chubb’s MAStermind monitoring platform The camera will record a 15 second video clip when the detector detects movement in its coverage area. A 200k MPEG video clip will then be transmitted via the GPRS network to the Chubb Monitoring Centre on alarm activation. From here, the video clip can be sent to pre selected cell phone numbers for viewing Radio communications and no A/C connections make this totally wireless battery operated video security system discreet and easy to deploy. The “videofied” control panel is able to communicate with any of the Chubb Monitoring Centres via the GPRS cellular network, Ethernet or standard telephone lines Infra Red (multi focal) cameras These cameras are suitable for day and night viewing, specifically in poor and varying light conditions Wireless cameras These cameras are applicable to sites with no wire ways to run cable to a DVR or Monitoring Centre IP Cameras These cameras allow connection through an existing LAN network, with the restriction of only allowing authorised users to view footage Wireless cameras with alarm input and SMS facility Wireless infra red detectors can be combined with a wireless camera for high risk areas. The camera will transmit 15second video clips via the GPRS network to a cell phone on alarm activation Net workable The option exists to have a dial in facility to view cameras remotely with real time recording. Footage can then be saved to either a hard drive or memory stick