False alarms are the bane of our industry. In most cases the cause of the false alarm will be misunderstood or blamed on faulty equipment. Faulty equipment in fact plays a minor part in the false alarm syndrome. The probable cause of a false alarm will be due to one or more of the following factors: environmental, corrosion, damage to wiring, power problems, and/or failure of owners/operators to understand the system.

Tips to prevent false alarms

  • Ensure people using your alarm system have been correctly trained.
  • Try to minimise the number of people who operate the system.
  • Before leaving the premises check that all doors and windows are physically secured.
  • Ensure detection devices are not obstructed.
  • If movement detectors are installed, do not introduce new sources of heat, movement or sound in the area they protect.
  • Always follow the agreed entry/exit procedure.
  • Ensure you have all keys, alarm system code numbers and passwords available when entering or leaving the premises.
  • Inform Chubb of any alterations to your premises, which may affect your alarm system.
  • Inform Chubb immediately of any damage to the alarm system, its detectors or wiring.


Should you require any assistance on your false alarm problem, kindly call our centralized false alarm department

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