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Simplicity App

New Chubb® Simplicity™ Security System Offers Peace of Mind with Smartphone Remote Control



  • Check the status of your home security system or arm it remotely
  • Control appliances* or electrical devices, such as lighting, using a smartphone
  • Know when your kids arrive home from school or if your batteries need replacing
  • Grant access to your home from a remote location
  • Need to know when people are in your home or on your property
  • Chubb® Simplicity™ does all this and more! Upgrade to the Simplicity remote access system, and your home becomes accessible from anywhere in the world!

Chubb Fire and Security South Africa introduces its new Chubb Simplicity residential security system, which includes an application to monitor and control the alarm and other systems from a smartphone or tablet. The system’s features ensure homeowners can check their home status, switch their alarm on and off remotely, receive reports on security system logs and activity and control appliances, all from a smartphone. Chubb is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp (NYSE: UTX).

“Simplicity is ideal for homeowners looking for a solution that provides remote access to security systems and interactive home control,” said James Havenga, operations director, Chubb Fire and Security South Africa. “It’s a complete security system that allows remote access, and with some additional modifications* can also control electric locks, thermostats, lighting and other home systems such as electric gates — allowing for better home security and domestic management than ever before”

The Simplicity remote access alarm system allows local and remote management through a mobile application, and also offers integrated support for internet protocol cameras, including the ability to view live video. Users can also record video for later review as it’s viewed live by means of on-board memory capacity.

A push notification feature keeps the user informed immediately of system activity or when the system is accessed, for example, by kids coming home from school. The application also can show system history and fault reporting, and has support for a key fob that can be used for arming or disarming the panel.

The application is available for Android and iOS phones. **

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The Simplicity system includes the alarm panel and keypad along with a GPRS modem or a Wi-Fi module — depending on Internet capability on-site — which connects the system to the mobile app. It covers up to 46 zones and allows multiple users to access the app simultaneously. The easy-to-use system can accommodate most home and small business applications, and can be easily customised to each family’s or business’ security priorities.


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*The panel is compatible for ZWave functions however the ZWave device is not not supplied by Chubb and will come at an additional cost.
** The Application is free for the 1st 12 months and then R120.00 per annum thereafter