CUSTOMER SERVICE: 0861 002 211   EMERGENCY SERVICE: 0861 444 911

Chubb 911


With Chubb911, thousands of subscribers across South Africa have the peace of mind that, at a touch of a button, they can contact up to 10 people for assistance 24 hours a day,365 days a year.

Chubb911 is an emergency SMS PANIC button and tracking system, enabling you and your family members to instantly notify the Chubb Monitoring Centre, your neighbours, friends and family that you are in urgent need of assistance at the touch of a button. An armed response unit will be sent to your physical registered address.

Chubb911 works on any cellphone

Chubb911 works on all cellphone networks

• Alerts 10 people within seconds; Linked to Chubb Monitoring Centre

• Ideal for your family, your business,  your community, the frail and elderly.


In an emergency, a Chubb911 member presses the speed dial button on his/her cellphone.The call rings once at the Chubb911 Data Centre and is then disconnected (no charge).

The Chubb911 system then instantly notifies (via SMS) all the member’s nominated alert recipients and the Chubb Monitoring Centre simultaneously that he/she needs urgent help. The Chubb Monitoring Centre will contact the client and send out a response vehicle on request to deal with any emergency situation*

*If you don’t answer your phone Chubb will automatically respond.

You can choose between the following Chubb service options:

1. Chubb Monitoring and Response Clients: The Chubb911 service can be added to your profile at a minimum monthly charge. No additional charges for responses (within the limits of the Chubb excessive response policy) will apply.

2. Monitoring Only Clients: The Chubb911 service can be added to your profile at a minimum monthly charge. All responses will be charged for, per response, at the prevailing Chubb rates, one month in arrears.

3. Pay-As-You-Go Clients: Chubb will charge you a minimal monthly service fee for the Chubb911 service. All
responses will be charged for, per response, at the prevailing Chubb rates, one month in arrears

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