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access controlWhether you want to set up a security system for your company premises or gain a tighter grip on security on your residential property, Chubb has a unique access control solution, suited to your needs.

Statistics show that between 2014 and 2015, robberies in residential areas increased by 5.2% and robberies with aggravating circumstances increased by 8.5%. Robberies at non-residential premises have increased by 3.2%. With these statistics in mind, limiting access to your home from criminals is important. If you own a company, you should consider installing more stringent methods to ensure the safety of your staff and premises.

Make entering your premises a challenge in order to reach your ultimate goal: deterring criminals. This can be done using access control.

Biometric Access Control Readers

This form of access control’s purpose is to assess and identify a person’s unique body feature. It is a preferred system as it verifies the person entering the premises, using a hand, eye, fingerprint or voice. This combined with a cardholder’s badge/pin allows for greater security. With these methods working together, accessing your premises (as a verified person) is fast and accurate in the event of an emergency.

With these methods working together, accessing your premises is fast and accurate in the event of an emergency.

Smart Cards

Smart cards are convenient as the user can have all their personal information loaded on it. Information about which access points the cardholder is permitted to use are carried in this card. This two-in-one solution involves having fingerprint or hand geometry templates captured and written onto a smart card chip. The card then can be made compatible with various technology readers.

The use of a smart card can also be instrumental in the security of a company’s computer network. When coupled with logical access, the smart card reader can allow for a work station to be unlinked from a company’s computer network once the card has been removed. This decreases the vulnerability of a company’s sensitive files, which would have been the case if passwords were used instead.

Logical Access

With this solution, employees can also access buildings and other facilities with the same card. Everything is consolidated into one place.

This system has its benefits for facility managers and the IT team. If for example an employee doesn’t use their tag when they enter the building, they may be denied access to the computer network. This will enable company policies such as timely arrivals at work, to be carried out more effectively. Unauthorised access is thus far more difficult resulting in tighter security.

Technical Specifications and Capabilities

Dependent on the access control method you may change, it may be useful to know that:

  • Access control systems are networkable
  • Each cardholder can be assigned unique security access levels
  • Cardholder locations can be tracked to prevent two people from sharing a card
  • Cards can be programmed with specific lock-out times

With the access control information we have provided, you will be able to find the correct fit for your premises. You will be more certain of the security of your business and residential premises.

At Chubb we offer solutions that can be customised for your needs. Speak to one of our experts through our customer care line, 0861 002 211

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