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Security Companies
The number of private security companies in South Africa is unique. Over the last few decades, the South African Police Force has faced rising levels of crime without the same rise in its resources. Police work closely with security companies and community groups.

The result of citizens wanting to bolster their security was a boom in the private security market. Security companies in South Africa make up a very large industry, and assist police in fighting crime. Some experienced security professionals, often former police and military, have moved into the private sector. A quick internet search illustrates that there are many security companies operating in South Africa – thousands in fact. The market is made up of security operations of various sizes offering commercial and residential security services.

People have learnt that they need to be proactive in tackling crime in their communities. The realisation is that if you feel unsafe, you should do something about it. Ordinary citizens take part in neighbourhood watches all over the country, taking more responsibility for their own safety. These groups work very closely with their security providers and usually have a direct line in the event of any incidents.

Here are just a few reasons why you should, and why so many other South Africans, trust Chubb Fire and Security to secure their homes and businesses over other security companies in South Africa.

At Chubb we combine over 185 years of safety and fire expertise. With over 100 years in South Africa alone, we were established long before most of our competitors. Being a national security company our ability to integrate various local security services sets us apart from other local and international providers.

One of the many advantages of our national footprint is we’re able to adapt to and relocate resources where they’re needed.

We have unmatched access to the world’s state-of-the-art technology through our global partners. And our highly trained, skilled workforce provides our customers with absolute confidence in their fire and security systems. We provide access control, CCTV and monitoring as well as intruder and fire alarms. Plus, Chubb and UTC even manufacture our own fire prevention and protection equipment. All of which can be integrated into one easy to operate system.

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