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home security
Scared of being a victim of crime? You’re not alone. Crime prevention is becoming a vital component of everyday life.  We need to take responsibility ourselves to improve our home security, and not only rely on our national police force.

Here are a few tips to assist in improving your home security:

  • Use technology
    If you often find yourself out late, make sure that you keep your phone nearby. There are a number of apps available to download that will help keep you protected. They alert a family member or your security company on your whereabouts if you feel unsafe or at risk.
  • Think about how secure your home really is
    Ensure that your home is fully protected. Think of your security in layers – looking at the outermost boundary, the area between the boundary and your home, and lastly inside your home. Early warning is the key these days to effective protection.
  • Protect your home from break-ins
    Going on holiday? Be sure to get a neighbour to clear your refuge and remember to cancel newspaper deliveries for that period. You can also make use of automatic timers/day night sensors or day night globes to create the appearance of a presence in the home. If you have an alarm, put the security signage in obvious places around the outside of your home. This will help ward off potential burglars, showing them you’re not an easy target.
  • Think like a burglar
    In order to outsmart a burglar, you’ll need to think like one. Assess all the weak spots on your property and try all access points to determine how easy it is to enter your property. Also be sure to lock up any ladders or tools that could be used to assist criminals in gaining access into your house.
  • If you’re selling your home, make sure it’s secure even on open days
    If you’re putting your house on the market, be aware that an open house viewing can leave your home more vulnerable to theft. Showing your property to strangers, when you’re trying to sell it, increases your security risk.
  • Find a home security system that suits your lifestyle
    Whether you travel frequently or are a bit of a homebody, having a good security system is important. Chubb has a range of options to suit your needs.

Even the most careful individual can fall victim to crime. So, if it does happen to you, remember, you are not to blame but you can perform a role in preventing it.

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