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A CCTV system is another effective means of assisting society when keeping criminals at bay. This is why so many security companies have started offering affordable solutions for homeowners seeking the benefits of real-time surveillance.
However, many companies don’t address the importance of a good maintenance plan. A well maintained and regularly serviced video surveillance system will last longer and be more reliable.
Here are five reasons why it’s so important to service your CCTV system regularly:

1. DVR settings sometimes go awry.

In theory, your digital video recorder (DVR) settings shouldn’t change. However, due to software glitches or inexperienced hands, these settings can be adjusted incorrectly. Any small change can impact the quality of your recording – putting your safety at risk. Your security company holds a log of these settings and can assist in checking that your settings are correct whenever they visit or log in remotely.

2. Lenses get dirty

Over time, a CCTV cameras lens can gather a layer of dust or dirt – obstructing the camera’s view. This can leave you and your property vulnerable. If the correct equipment is not used, attempting to clean the lens yourself could result in expensive damage. Ensuring that your CCTV system is regularly cleaned by professionals keeps your camera’s line of vision unobstructed.

3. Cables can deteriorate

The cables that connect the different components of your CCTV system can suffer from wear and tear, which can ultimately result in them malfunctioning. This can effectively disable the camera connected and can impair the DVR. This can be costly to fix depending on the type of cables you have. For this reason, it’s important that you maintain these wires and ensure they are checked on a regular basis.

4. Your system could be vulnerable to power surges

CCTV systems are susceptible to power surges. Unfortunately, any damage caused is generally not covered by the warranty. With this in mind, it’s important that the power supply to your CCTV system is protected and checked regularly during maintenance.

5. Maintenance of other related equipment

If you have other equipment working with your CCTV system, these will also need to be checked and maintained regularly. This includes monitors, multiplexers, video switchers and other various components. Any damage to these can impair the functionality of your CCTV system, leaving you vulnerable.

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