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The latest crime statistics for South Africa have been released, and it’s clear that homeowners need to start putting more emphasis on security. These statistics reveal that in 2015 murder alone has risen by 5% in South Africa. So, it’s crucial that homeowners invest in additional security like an internal protection system to ensure they’re fully protected.
Here are some residential security tips to help every member of the family feel safe and secure.

1. Set up a home security system

Through the installation of various integrated systems, we are able to ensure that your property is protected. A home monitoring system makes use of a number of components to protect you from unwanted visitors on your property. When an intruder presence is detected, a siren will activate and communicate an alarm signal to one of our highly sophisticated Chubb Monitoring centers. From here, an appropriate response will then be coordinated – ensuring your safety is put first.

2. Don’t advertise that you’re away from your house

The easiest target for a criminal is a house with no-one in it. Whether you’re going on holiday, or going to work or just visiting the shops, be sure your house looks occupied. To do this, use automatic timers to turn lights on and off at appropriate times. You can also use the same kind of timers on your television. This will help create the illusion that there is someone at home – making your property seem like a harder target for burglars.

3. Make your premises a harder target to break into

By making your home a difficult target, you’re warding off opportunistic thieves from your property. Home security systems are the most effective way of alerting authorities of break-ins. Other ways you can deter criminals is by ensuring that all your doors and windows are locked securely. Windows should be attached to an internal alarm system. They can also be made stronger and safer by coating them with an impact-resistant film. Invest in good quality burglar bars, and dead locks. This will make entering a property incredibly difficult for criminals. The harder it is to break into your home, the less likely it is your property will be targeted.

4. Get to know your neighbours

Your neighbours are a great watch force, so be sure to build a relationship with them. One of the most effective forms of home security comes from those around you. By building a positive relationship with those in your area, they can help watch over your property – reporting suspicious activity or requesting help in the case of an emergency.

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