Automated Alarm Attendant

The Automated Alarm Attendant is a computerized voice which informs clients of certain alarm panel conditions such as Power failures and Low battery conditions. A special PIN number is required by the Automated Alarm Attendant to identify the person receiving the call as being authorized to be informed of such an alarm condition.

Chubb Security South Africa introduced the Automated Alarm Attendant to alarm monitoring in 2009. The Automated Alarm Attendant allows the Monitoring system to interact directly with clients without the intervention of an Operator. The Automated Alarm Attendant deals with alarms of a lower priority, thus freeing up Operators to deal with higher priority alarms.

Upon receipt of certain signal types, the Automated Alarm Attendant will immediately start phoning the client so as to inform him/her of the signal received.  Chubb is currently using the Automated Alarm Attendant to inform clients of “Mains Failure” alarms, “Low Battery” alarms as well as “Electric Fence” alarms. The premises numbers are phoned by the Automated Alarm Attendant for the above mentioned alarms, but clients can also choose which contact numbers are to be contacted once they register for their PIN.

Once the phone is answered by the client, the Automated Alarm Attendant will be playing back pre recorded messages. Currently the message is as follows: “Hello, this is Chubb’s Automated Alarm Attendant. We have received a “Mains Fail” signal from your premises. The premises telephone number is…..(the number will be read one digit at a time). Please enter your PIN to acknowledge this signal followed by hash (#)”.

A PIN is needed specifically for the Automated Alarm Attendant and needs to be registered. The alarm is acknowledged by the client by entering the PIN into the keypad of his/her telephone followed by #.

If the correct PIN is not entered at the time of the phone call, the alarm will be placed on hold for a period of 3 hours for Power/Mains Fail signals, 30 minutes for Low Battery alarms and 3 minutes for Electric Fence alarms. If a ‘Power Restore’ signal is received within the above mentioned period, nothing further will happen, but if a ‘Restore’ signal has not been received during this period, the alarm will be presented to an Operator for further action.


If you do not have a valid PIN for the Automated Alarm Attendant, kindly contact the Chubb Customer Service Center on 086 100 22 11 (during office hours) to register your PIN. A friendly Operator will gladly assist in arranging your PIN for the Automated Alarm Attendant.


Q: What do I do if the Automated Alarm Attendant calls me to inform me of a condition alarm?

A: You can acknowledge having been informed of the condition alarm by entering your PIN into the keypad of your phone followed by pressing the hash key #.

Q: Why do I need a PIN for the Automated Alarm Attendant?

A: It is more convenient. You will be able to acknowledge receipt of the alarm. No further phone calls will be made to you or your other contacts to inform you again of the same condition.

Q: How can I register for a PIN?

A: The Chubb Customer Service Center will be happy to assist you. Tel. No. 086 100 22 11. You can also ask the Monitoring Operator phoning you about the alarm to pass a message to the Customer Service Center that you require a PIN.

Q: Can I choose any number for my PIN?

A: The PIN must be numeric and between four and six digits in total.

Q: What will happen if I do not register for a PIN?

A: The Automated Alarm Attendant will call you upon receipt of a condition alarm but would not recognize you as a person authorized to be informed of the alarm condition. You or one of your other contacts will later receive a second phone call from an Operator informing you of the same condition.